Best Tech Accessories

Posted on Feb 19, 2015

BestTechAccessoriesI’m constantly on the go, running from meetings to meetings all day long. My subway card and Uber account are definitely put to use! Being a digital consultant means that I have to have with me at all times my computer, chargers, backup chargers, phone, cases, notebooks, and sometimes even my iPad – that’s a lot of stuff.

Here are the top on-the-go best tech accessories that I cannot live without, help me stay organized, and don’t look like those heinous neoprene things the Apple store stocks:

Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop computer bag – This laptop bag is perfectly sized for the MacBook air and with plenty of cushioning. I love how the long cross-body strap is detachable leaving for a portable tote. Surprisingly I get compliments on this all the time. I’ve been asked if it even is a computer bag! Back Me Up Mobile Charger – Yes, this is just another thing you’ll need to keep charged but trust me, for those lunches or meetings where there is literally nowhere to plug in and your phone has 8% left, you’ll be glad this is on hand. It really is the best mobile charger and gives a quick 80% charge from anywhere.

Henri Bendel Go Anywhere Trio – The coated canvas material of these pouches are super durable (mine have lasted about 2 years) and the size makes for the perfect cords vessel. The medium size fits a laptop charger, phone charger, headphones and the mobile charge, with room to spare.

J Crew iPhone cases – I’ve owned some super janky rubber cell phone cases that get dirty and peel quickly but I’m surprised that all the cute cases from J Crew really stand up and work for a long time. Last week I dropped my phone in the wet ice and it was unscathed!