E-Commerce Product Pages: Three Below the Fold Ideas to Increase Sales

Posted on Aug 17, 2016

Product pages are becoming increasingly more powerful, as they are acting as direct landing pages from searches and advertising more often than not. Getting the most out of these pages and the experience is tricky, but by designing the right customer experience below the fold, utilizing this page real estate will do wonders for your bottom line.


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1. Complete This Look
The power of the cross sell! Cross-selling and upselling is an easy and quick way to increase growth, sales and profit. By recommending easy upgrades to a purchase and/or related products on the product page can increase the average order value by 5%-20% (source). This is most commonly done in the form of “Customers Also Bought” and “Frequently Bought Together” or “Complete The Look” product suggestion areas. This tactic also creates an opportunity for a crazy amount of deep back links between your products (two thumbs up for great search engine optimization wins!) Why wouldn’t you want to employ a method that Amazon attributes 35% of their overall sales to? (source) I sure know I would! While recently shopping for new running shorts, I loved how Victoria’s Secret Sport suggested a full workout outfit in the same print as the shorts (example above).



Ratings and Reviews Example Rent the Runway

2. Ratings and Reviews
What your friends say (or, in some cases what completely random strangers say) can sometimes make or break an online purchase. Although using customer reviews in many touch points of your marketing communications are ideal (emails, ads, landing pages, etc), the primary place where they must be located is on the specific product detail pages. Did you know 90% of customers say they are influenced by online reviews? (source) Integrating an out-of-the-box solution such as Yotpo, a major leader in customer review software, or developing a proprietary system to acquire and display reviews is bound to do incredible things for business. The reviews that are most effective and engage customers are ones that also integrate user generated content (ex. video or photo) of the item in context. Some great examples of this are Rent The Runway and Dwell Studio.


Product Content Storytelling Zady

3. Tell A Story
What is it exactly about this product that makes is unique? Is it handcrafted? Are the materials sourced from an interesting location? An ideal area to answer these questions and place accompanying visuals and copy is below the fold. I’ve forever been a fan of how Zady handles the product storytelling experience. It’s such a logical place to put this information, as it’s specific to the product above and not timely or news-y enough to be located in a blog or journal.

Like this post? As I’m working on more like it, visit Shopify’s awesome blog about ecommerce tips and tricks that anyone can use (whether or not they are powered by Shopify).

HATCH Event at Spotify

Posted on May 25, 2015

The Ladies of Hatch

When I met Jess Peterson of HATCH, I couldn’t help but love the infectious energy she had around creating an event series for women and when I had the honor last month to speak to the amazing community of HATCH (check out this group ASAP, as I am a huge fan & there are awesome learning/connecting/networking opps) I couldn’t have been more thrilled. The topic of learning how to get audiences to your website and keeping them there, is one that I frequently speak about and am very passionate about and this night had a fresh vibe thanks to the truly insane venue of Spotify’s headquarters and the immensely creative ladies in the room. Did I mention the session took place in the “Where’s Your Head At?” conference room? (song name theme name nod to my fave Basement Jaxx tune). The stars couldn’t have been better aligned.

Michelle Bablo Julia Lovallo Jess Peterson Leah Weinberg SEO Marketing and Design

In Good Company: Michelle Bablo (HATCH co-founder & events designer), moi, Jess Peterson (HATCH co-founder and co-founder of Might Oak Storytelling Studio), Leah Weinberg (HATCH events designer and owner of Color Pop Events)

Spotify Conference Room NYC HQ

I like to think that if I worked here I would get a lot done. This is perhaps not the case.

Learning Ladies at HATCH SEO Event at Spotify with Julia Lovallo

Awesome group of ladies ready to learn about SEO & Analytics for their sites and businesses.

Wheres Your Head At Conference Room

So, where’s it at?

All photos and images by Jonica Moore Studio

Set Up Webmaster Tools Data Sharing

Posted on Apr 14, 2015


Google Analytics is such an amazing FREE website data tool. But, did you know you have access to even MORE data by simply setting up Google Webmaster Tools? You might have seen me evangelize about this recently or you’ve come to this post with the intention of setting up these tools on your own site/analytics. By having your Webmaster Tools properly integrated with your website and Google Analytics, the amount of data reporting you now have access to greatly increases and the information you get is much more sophisticated than the Analytics out-of-box solution.

The number one (#1!) data point that setting up Webmaster Tools allows you to see, is in my opinon, one of the most important things to know as a business owner. This point is – what search terms are individuals typing into Google that display your site as a result AND what clicks does your site receive based off of these search queries. So valuable!
My fool-proof way to set this up:

1. Open up Google Analytics and click on “Acquistion” then “Search Engine Optimization” then “Queries” on the left-hand sidebar.

2. On the right hand side display area you should see a window that reads “This report requires Webmaster Tools to be enabled” on the very top. If you are the administrator you are then able to click on the button below this that reads “Set up Webmaster Tools data sharing”. Click on this.

3. You are then brought to a screen that is the Property Setting for the Admin account. Scroll all the way to the bottom until you find the “Webmaster Tools Settings” and click on the blue text that reads “Edit”.

4. In the next window you need to add this site to your Webmaster Tools. Click on the button that reads “Add a Site to Webmaster Tools”.

5. In the next screen which is now the Webmaster Tools environment, click on the right hand side where in a red box it reads “Add A Site”.

6. Type in the URL of the site in which you manage or are trying to link this up for. For example, www.nameofsite.com should go in this blank field box. Now this site is added and needs to be linked to the Analytics account. In the next screen you need to prove ownership and I recommend you do so by the easiest way possible. Click on “Alternate Methods” on the top right tab and in there choose Google Analytics.

7. Once this is checked and clicked, you can now verify the account. Once the account is verified the website is added into the list of properties that you can associate to the Analytics account. Click on the new website you have added and choose “Save”.

8. Viola! You now can see Search Engine Queries and have access to Webmaster tools for this site, and Analytics account.

Monarch Workshop Spring 2015 Event Video

Posted on Mar 26, 2015


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending and speaking out the Monarch Workshop in Connecticut, which was two days long and chock full o’ creative goodness. My session was on Branding Your Passion Idea or Business which you can check out the Slideshare here.

Contributors to the weekend included Cara Alwill Leyba of the Champagne Diet, Katharine Marino of Yoga Kat Fitness, Branding expert Julia Lovallo (yours truly), Nutritionist Debra Wolf, Pro Magic Maker Michelle Bablo, Financial Coach Lauren Liles, Design Guru Marcella Kovac, Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom and a Dream Team of the movers and shakers that helped bring this event to life.

The Monarch founders put it so eloquently with “experts as our guides, we were taken on journeys from restorative yoga and branding 101, to lessons in wellness and giving ourselves permission to let the glitter fly and be creative. We were led into the world of creative visualization, given meaningful collaboration advice from a pro, and made genuine connections in both the personal and business realm. We took flight. We soared. We conquered.” It was a wonderful weekend!

Above video by Mojalvo.

Best Tech Accessories

Posted on Feb 19, 2015

BestTechAccessoriesI’m constantly on the go, running from meetings to meetings all day long. My subway card and Uber account are definitely put to use! Being a digital consultant means that I have to have with me at all times my computer, chargers, backup chargers, phone, cases, notebooks, and sometimes even my iPad – that’s a lot of stuff.

Here are the top on-the-go best tech accessories that I cannot live without, help me stay organized, and don’t look like those heinous neoprene things the Apple store stocks:

Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop computer bag – This laptop bag is perfectly sized for the MacBook air and with plenty of cushioning. I love how the long cross-body strap is detachable leaving for a portable tote. Surprisingly I get compliments on this all the time. I’ve been asked if it even is a computer bag!

Ban.do Back Me Up Mobile Charger – Yes, this is just another thing you’ll need to keep charged but trust me, for those lunches or meetings where there is literally nowhere to plug in and your phone has 8% left, you’ll be glad this is on hand. It really is the best mobile charger and gives a quick 80% charge from anywhere.

Henri Bendel Go Anywhere Trio – The coated canvas material of these pouches are super durable (mine have lasted about 2 years) and the size makes for the perfect cords vessel. The medium size fits a laptop charger, phone charger, headphones and the Ban.do mobile charge, with room to spare.

J Crew iPhone cases – I’ve owned some super janky rubber cell phone cases that get dirty and peel quickly but I’m surprised that all the cute cases from J Crew really stand up and work for a long time. Last week I dropped my phone in the wet ice and it was unscathed!


New Year, New Businesses

Posted on Jan 9, 2015

This past week was the first one back after an almost two week hiatus from the NYC life and work grind that was filled with holidays and celebrations. The “New Year” has officially started and in the last few days, I had the pleasure of meeting with some exciting new businesses and entrepreneurs to chat with them about their strategic goals for 2015 and catch up. A few were friends and family, and a few were new connections and possible clients (fingers crossed!). I’m excited to share and tell you a bit about their companies below – they’re too good to keep to myself…

Read Notebooks by Aaron Kinnari

Read Notebooks, an endeavor of Aaron Kinnari, of Aviator Media and my former colleague at The Clinton Global Initiative, is an amazing social good e-commerce company aiming to provide access to books for children. With the purchase of a beautiful Read Notebooks custom designed notebook, a storybook gets donated to a child in need. In a way it’s a “buy a book (notebook), give a book (storybook)” model that is unique and a great concept that everyone should get behind.

Market and Luxe

My sister recently launched Market and Luxe, a marketplace for luxury goods at an affordable price. Tired of seeing trend accessories and pieces marked way way up at retail and online locations, she set out to curate an online boutique that stocks fun everyday accessories with reasonable price tags. My favorites are currently the gold lip earrings and the silver pave button studs. But, miniature gold and rhinestone studded pineapple post earrings for spring/summer? Yes please! Stay tuned for her housewares and entertaining collections coming soon.

Pop Productions NYC by Miraya Berke

Pop Productions by Miraya Berke is founded by Ms. Berke whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Blogshop and getting to know in the past year or so. Pop Productions is a consulting and full service event (more hackathons and idea summits, less weddings and bridal showers) production company based in NYC. In planning an event or working with a vendor to do so, good customer service is KEY to a seamless and flawless one, and Miraya does not miss a beat.