HATCH Event at Spotify

Posted on May 25, 2015

The Ladies of Hatch

When I met Jess Peterson of HATCH, I couldn’t help but love the infectious energy she had around creating an event series for women and when I had the honor last month to speak to the amazing community of HATCH (check out this group ASAP, as I am a huge fan & there are awesome learning/connecting/networking opps) I couldn’t have been more thrilled. The topic of learning how to get audiences to your website and keeping them there, is one that I frequently speak about and am very passionate about and this night had a fresh vibe thanks to the truly insane venue of Spotify’s headquarters and the immensely creative ladies in the room. Did I mention the session took place in the “Where’s Your Head At?” conference room? (song name theme name nod to my fave Basement Jaxx tune). The stars couldn’t have been better aligned.

Michelle Bablo Julia Lovallo Jess Peterson Leah Weinberg SEO Marketing and Design

In Good Company: Michelle Bablo (HATCH co-founder & events designer), moi, Jess Peterson (HATCH co-founder and co-founder of Might Oak Storytelling Studio), Leah Weinberg (HATCH events designer and owner of Color Pop Events)

Spotify Conference Room NYC HQ

I like to think that if I worked here I would get a lot done. This is perhaps not the case.

Learning Ladies at HATCH SEO Event at Spotify with Julia Lovallo

Awesome group of ladies ready to learn about SEO & Analytics for their sites and businesses.

Wheres Your Head At Conference Room

So, where’s it at?

All photos and images by Jonica Moore Studio