SEO Class in LA at The Unique Space

Posted on Oct 16, 2014


One of my many favorite things about teaching is taking the show on the road to teach to those outside my city and meet some new people. I recently was in LA for work/pleasure and had the opportunity to host the How to Use and Understand Google Analytics and SEO workshop at the amazing Unique Space in Downtown LA. This funky co-working space (check out this fun tour of the space on Apartment Therapy) was the perfect backdrop for a night of learning and mingling. The turnout was great and the group was fantastic, lots of solid questions and at the end of the session and I got feedback to the tune of “lightbulbs literally went off in my head”. Success! Didn’t hurt that the incredibly talented hot-commodity Bess Wyrick from Celadon and Celery styled and created the ambiance for the night. Thank you! She turned this tech workshop into a floral wonderland and made learning look good! And, finally, an additional thanks to Bryan Dale for capturing the night so perfectly in the photos below. Let’s just say, LA – I’ll be back!


Getting set up for the workshop.


Rose for all!


Getting into Google Analytics.


Jotting it down.


Big space, big crowd!


All smiles from sunny Cali!