Set Up Webmaster Tools Data Sharing

Posted on Apr 14, 2015


Google Analytics is such an amazing FREE website data tool. But, did you know you have access to even MORE data by simply setting up Google Webmaster Tools? You might have seen me evangelize about this recently or you’ve come to this post with the intention of setting up these tools on your own site/analytics. By having your Webmaster Tools properly integrated with your website and Google Analytics, the amount of data reporting you now have access to greatly increases and the information you get is much more sophisticated than the Analytics out-of-box solution.

The number one (#1!) data point that setting up Webmaster Tools allows you to see, is in my opinon, one of the most important things to know as a business owner. This point is – what search terms are individuals typing into Google that display your site as a result AND what clicks does your site receive based off of these search queries. So valuable!
My fool-proof way to set this up:

1. Open up Google Analytics and click on “Acquistion” then “Search Engine Optimization” then “Queries” on the left-hand sidebar.

2. On the right hand side display area you should see a window that reads “This report requires Webmaster Tools to be enabled” on the very top. If you are the administrator you are then able to click on the button below this that reads “Set up Webmaster Tools data sharing”. Click on this.

3. You are then brought to a screen that is the Property Setting for the Admin account. Scroll all the way to the bottom until you find the “Webmaster Tools Settings” and click on the blue text that reads “Edit”.

4. In the next window you need to add this site to your Webmaster Tools. Click on the button that reads “Add a Site to Webmaster Tools”.

5. In the next screen which is now the Webmaster Tools environment, click on the right hand side where in a red box it reads “Add A Site”.

6. Type in the URL of the site in which you manage or are trying to link this up for. For example, should go in this blank field box. Now this site is added and needs to be linked to the Analytics account. In the next screen you need to prove ownership and I recommend you do so by the easiest way possible. Click on “Alternate Methods” on the top right tab and in there choose Google Analytics.

7. Once this is checked and clicked, you can now verify the account. Once the account is verified the website is added into the list of properties that you can associate to the Analytics account. Click on the new website you have added and choose “Save”.

8. Viola! You now can see Search Engine Queries and have access to Webmaster tools for this site, and Analytics account.