E-Commerce Product Pages: Three Below the Fold Ideas to Increase Sales

Posted on Aug 17, 2016

Product pages are becoming increasingly more powerful, as they are acting as direct landing pages from searches and advertising more often than not. Getting the most out of these pages and the experience is tricky, but by designing the right customer experience below the fold, utilizing this page real estate will do wonders for your bottom line.


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1. Complete This Look
The power of the cross sell! Cross-selling and upselling is an easy and quick way to increase growth, sales and profit. By recommending easy upgrades to a purchase and/or related products on the product page can increase the average order value by 5%-20% (source). This is most commonly done in the form of “Customers Also Bought” and “Frequently Bought Together” or “Complete The Look” product suggestion areas. This tactic also creates an opportunity for a crazy amount of deep back links between your products (two thumbs up for great search engine optimization wins!) Why wouldn’t you want to employ a method that Amazon attributes 35% of their overall sales to? (source) I sure know I would! While recently shopping for new running shorts, I loved how Victoria’s Secret Sport suggested a full workout outfit in the same print as the shorts (example above).



Ratings and Reviews Example Rent the Runway

2. Ratings and Reviews
What your friends say (or, in some cases what completely random strangers say) can sometimes make or break an online purchase. Although using customer reviews in many touch points of your marketing communications are ideal (emails, ads, landing pages, etc), the primary place where they must be located is on the specific product detail pages. Did you know 90% of customers say they are influenced by online reviews? (source) Integrating an out-of-the-box solution such as Yotpo, a major leader in customer review software, or developing a proprietary system to acquire and display reviews is bound to do incredible things for business. The reviews that are most effective and engage customers are ones that also integrate user generated content (ex. video or photo) of the item in context. Some great examples of this are Rent The Runway and Dwell Studio.


Product Content Storytelling Zady

3. Tell A Story
What is it exactly about this product that makes is unique? Is it handcrafted? Are the materials sourced from an interesting location? An ideal area to answer these questions and place accompanying visuals and copy is below the fold. I’ve forever been a fan of how Zady handles the product storytelling experience. It’s such a logical place to put this information, as it’s specific to the product above and not timely or news-y enough to be located in a blog or journal.

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